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  • Comparing the Wiim Mini and Wiim Pro: What Music Streamer is Right for You

    Do you ever get that feeling of dread when you’re about to make a big purchasing decision? Well, if you’re in the market for a music streamer, you can rest easy knowing that you have two great choices – the Wiim Mini and the Wiim Pro. Both are top-of-the-line streamers with their own distinct advantages;…


  • Let the Wiim Music Streamer Take You to Hi-Res Audio Bliss

    Bring your favorite tunes to life with the amazing Wiim Music Streamer! From its AirPlay 2 receiver capability to its gapless playback of hi-res 192 kHz, 24-bit music, this wireless streamer is an easy and affordable way to enjoy your music to its fullest. Stream directly from Spotify, TIDAL or Amazon Music app with Spotify…