Let the Wiim Music Streamer Take You to Hi-Res Audio Bliss

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Bring your favorite tunes to life with the amazing Wiim Music Streamer!

From its AirPlay 2 receiver capability to its gapless playback of hi-res 192 kHz, 24-bit music, this wireless streamer is an easy and affordable way to enjoy your music to its fullest.

Stream directly from Spotify, TIDAL or Amazon Music app with Spotify Connect, TIDAL Connect or Alexa for even higher audio quality and longer work range than Bluetooth or AirPlay 2 receivers.

Control music playback and smart home automation with voice commands to Alexa or Siri. Or, use WiiM Mini’s multiroom function to stream music throughout your home and group with other AirPlay 2, Alexa devices.

All this, and not worry about compatibility issues with Sonos or native Apple Music. Now you can enjoy your favorite tunes like never before with the Wiim Music Streamer!

  • What Hi-Res Audio Is
  • Why the Wiim Music Streamer Is Ideal
  • How to Set Up the Wiim Music Streamer
  • Enjoying Hi-Res Audio With the Wiim Music Streamer

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